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To support your virtual servers, applications, and OS, you need a robust platform that can carry the load.  MediaTrends Certified sales engineers will position the correct hardware built for the task and your future growth.  Not only can it support multiple heterogeneous platforms, it can consolidate and amplify your server performance.


Whether your business requires a virtual desktop solution, or an enterprise-class server virtualization solution, we have you covered with ground-breaking technology, excellent services and comprehensive support.


Our virtualization solutions mean power. The power of Lenovo xSeries is simply unmatched. Built on a highly scalable x86 platform, xSeries servers pack the compute might to support up to 32 processors and 512 GB of memory.


MediaTrends breakthrough virtualization services will help you:


• Maximize Memory

• Minimize Cost

• Simplify Deployment

• Improve application performance while managing growth, complexity, and risk

• Reduce costs with improved energy efficiency


Find out how Mediatrends’ virtualization services and Lenovo xSeries can help your business take virtualization to a new frontier.


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