What Is It?

How It Works!


What is it?

Your online scheduling system is displayed on a LCD screen hosted within your center. It is a browser based network, accessed online, eliminating the need to purchase and manage costly software and servers. Your only requirements are a LCD display, computer system, internet access and managing your scheduling information. MediaTrends hosts and maintains your network. Displayed on the screen will be the schedules for the various facilities within your center. For example, ice rink 1, ice rink 2, swimming pool, fitness room or conference room 1, conference room 2. Our flexible screen layout allows for space allocated to advertising and up to date news and weather information.

Our online scheduling system is easy to implement for any scheduling scenario and is totally customizable to your facilities needs as you are in control of the information entered for use. It saves you time and confusion by organizing availability and allocations within your center.

How It Works!

Our service professionals will come out to your location, complete a site survey and best determine your needs. Once your screen is installed, our staff will work with you to customize the online scheduling system for your scheduling scenario.  We will set up accounts for each individual user and help you plan and generate information specific to your facility, determining daily, weekly, monthly and yearly needs, with full life cycle content scheduling, publishing and reporting.

Advertising (ROI)

Your return on investment will be seen quickly. MediaTrends will handle sales for advertising space on your scheduling board in a dedicated playlist area. You will receive a monthly cheque based on revenue collected. It’s that easy. And, you can offer up to date weather and news information to your patrons in real time.   |   © Copyright 2015, MediaTrends Inc.  |  Site Design by