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We are a digital media advertising and communications company, and we are changing the way companies and establishments deliver information to their clients. At MediaTrends, our mission is to provide small and medium businesses a cost effective, easy to manage, digital environment that will enable users to display their messages in a powerful and dynamic way. Delivering messages in real time on large format digital LCD screens, eye-catching advertisements and announcements that will undoubtedly captivate your target audience is within your reach.


While our approach provides an exciting opportunity to communicate more effectively without the high cost of TV, radio or even print, it also provides a high return on investment when digital media space is outsourced to non-competing businesses. So, while you are branding your company, you can generate income by providing that same opportunity to other enterprises.


Our systems are user friendly and all responsibility, including maintenance and upgrades, and digital creations, remains with us. Founded by IT professionals that have moved into an advertising world, we have designed every technical element of our system with the average user in mind. This technical advantage is proven in the roots of our system, unique in its simplicity, adaptability and functionality. MediaTrends has anticipated user challenges before implementation to develop a streamlined product.


MediaTrends offers technical expertise, strategy, sales management, graphic design and content management to businesses interested in adopting this revolutionary digital advertising technology for targeted communications. We offer a “boutique” experience, remaining hands on from start to finish.

Product Benefits


Our systems offer low start up costs with the ability to quickly make a return on your investment by outsourcing advertising space to other businesses, offering affordable and environmental friendly marketing options.


MediaTrends offers free advice for network planning and implementation. Our hardware has a 3 year warranty on new equipment and is serviced by our in house technicians, so turnaround time is fast. Downtime is kept to a minimum and any required maintenance is done during non operational hours.


We can easily adapt to network growth and support all common content types for video, image, flash, URL, RSS, PPT and more.



We strive to offer the best service to our customers. But, you don’t have to take our word for it

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